Why do we exist?

We think there is a gap in the marketplace.

There does not exist a simple, strategically designed solution that affordably allows realtors to create their very own web presence.

Big, Bloated, Expensive Solutions

There are a variety of solutions out there for real estate companies, brokers and large teams.

They are all expensive though, overly complex and bloated with features most agents don’t need or use.

Renting, Not Owning

Though our business is built on the understanding that it’s better to invest your money into something that will be an asset and provide value to you lifelong, so many agents forget that perspective when they build their own marketing.

We know far too many agents though that have been stung by the move from one broker to another.

So many people spend their time and money building a brand that is more closely associated to a real estate company than themselves. And, if an agent doesn’t have their own controllable web presence, that is often lost in the transfer of brokerages.

Lack of Control

While there are many solutions out there provided by brokerages or lead generation services, typically the agent doesn’t have full control.

Without that, we see agents cobbling a myriad of solutions together to create value. We see agents with multiple ongoing subscriptions to CRMs, lead generation platforms, etc.

The reason is that a free platform is often limited and agents are unable to make them talk to each other to lead a prospect through a full customer journey.

Our Hybrid Model

Instead of building a proprietary solution and trying to lock people in forever, we have worked with best of breed platforms and integrated them in a strategic way to help nurture and convert your prospects.

We are providing this in a hosted, subscription model to prevent the need for a hefty capital outlay.

Price Point

Our solution is hosted so you don’t have to lay out the $3,000 to $20,000 for a custom website build and then add on CRM, marketing automation and other needed functionality.

We have offered our solution at an affordable price point that allows you to get in and still have money to spend on your lead generation activities.

Our solution also supports them and helps you get ROI from your efforts.


It’s Portable Too!

We do have an exit model as well.

If, at a certain point, you want your own non-hosted solution, you are in luck that your website is built on WordPress.

As an exit service, we can move you to your own self-hosted instance where all of your posts, images, content, landing pages, etc. will still remain. You won’t have spent time building your marketing presence only to have to start over again.

Or Not 

Of course, we are happy for you to stay with us, avoid the headaches of site ownership and be able to just concentrate on lead generation, content creation and serving your customers.