Grow Your Business Without Killing Yourself

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by small business marketing, and do nothing.

We help break the paralysis, show you what you need, what goes where and how it all works together to drive awareness and sales.

Then we build the infrastructure you need to make it manageable.

At PurpleCRM, we build engines to drive small business growth.

You can keep doing what you’ve always done – or you can transform your business with a manageable marketing program.

You just need the right elements, working together.

We help customers with websites, CRM and digital marketing. We also help businesses deploy online courses & membership sites.

Marketing is about more than just websites or tools.

You need to make them work together with a smart plan behind them.

Lots of providers offer websites, marketing strategy or piecemeal services.

We help with the whole integrated package — strategy, platforms, digital execution.

Our Why

We believe people deserve excellence.

It’s core to our being.

We help transform small businesses by providing excellent digital marketing services.

In an industry known for shady tactics, disappearing devs, lack of results and bad advice, we are proud of our standard of excellence.

To us, this means every client has a website they are proud of and that produces results that validate the investment of their money and their trust.

Guided by our 5 Purple Promises, we implement seamless marketing technology that grows along with you and improves your customer value metrics – making your digital presence a competitive advantages.

Our 5 Purple Promises

  • We promise we will not be finished until it’s done.
  • We promise we will not let you fail.
  • We promise we will not sell you something that doesn’t serve your best interests.
  • We promise we will not teach you how to manipulate your customers with junk science.
  • We promise to never stop learning about what we can teach you.

Our Goal for You

If there is one thing that we would like to do for you, it is to help your business run more efficiently so you and your employees can reclaim time to use as you will.

  • Some folks reinvest that time into their business.
  • Some folks travel or do things they enjoy.
  • We use it spending time doing things with people we love.

Our Experience

We have been in business since 2001 and worked with companies large and small, from names like NYSE, AIG,  United Blood Systems to local merchants and service providers.


Partner #1 – We actually helped Infusionsoft launch their partner channel in 2008 by writing their training curriculum and teaching the first 7 partner certification courses for them.

We are proud to have remained a partner through all the years and are excited to see all the progress that they have made.

We have also lead the Infusionsoft User Group at HQ for several years.


We are also a long-time WordPress shop, going back to 2008 and helping support some of the first and largest WordCamps and other WordPress events.

We have always taken pride in building it right the first time. With so many folks out there claiming to be WordPress developers, getting your site built right is critical.


Pick a time on our calendar for a free Double Your Sales Review and checklist.

Talk soon,

Chris & Heather Lee & the PurpleCRM Team