Why Would You Care About the tl;dr?

First of all, the tl;dr is our newsletter delivering pertinent digital marketing information to small business owners.

You might care about the tl;dr because it provides you curated information that a small business owner actually needs.


info-pileYou might have seen on our Where to Start page that there are over 4,000 companies now part of the marketing technology landscape (up from 150 back in 2011).

And then all the sites and news outlets and blogs covering all this…ugh….there is so much information out there that it’s overwhelming. Too much. And most doesn’t directly apply to you.

The name itself stands for “too long; didn’t read” if you’re not familiar with that internet acronym. So what we do is provide you the short version. The executive summary (with links if you want to dig deeper). We send this out in the form of curated blog posts and additional relevant updates.

As as small business owner, we know you’re already crazy busy. You don’t need another newsletter hitting your inbox that is going to take you time to wade through and understand.

This will save you time and increase your business’s effectiveness.

What Will It Contain?

Our newsletter is built to give you the tl;dr (the short version) on:

  • Timely updates on changes in the technology that could affect you
  • New platforms you should be aware of (or can comfortably ignore – for now)
  • Recaps of digital strategies that are working well
  • Quick, easy explanations of marketing concepts
  • And more…

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