Trello Recommended Extensions

Why Would I Care About Trello Extensions?

If you are using or considering using Trello as your task management/project management solution, there are a number of plugins that will make your life much easier and allow you wring additional utility out of Trello.

For us, it was a single Trello extension that tipped Trello for our project management platform of choice (GMail to Trello btw – see below).

As we’ve talked a bit about how we use Trello for your project management here at PurpleCRM, in addition to the standard functionality, these are the Chrome extensions we use to extend Trello.

Chrome Trello Extensions – Required

If you use GMail or Google Apps, THIS is the extension you need:
  • GMail to Trello – This is the game changer. Being a heavy email user, integration of your project management tool and email is critical. That was the main reason we used Things years back. We had already switched Things to Trello but totally missed the ability to create cards from (and link back to) Gmail. When we found this, it was Trello with no going back or looking around any longer.

Chrome Trello Extensions – Strongly Recommended

These are some other great extensions. Depending on your use of the tool, definitely recommend checking them out.

  • Trello official extension – We used to use the extension Add a link to trello but it disconnected all the time and we had to reconnect. Basically these extensions let you create a card on your Trell0 board with a link back to the web page you are currently on. So if you’re not in Gmail, you can still do the same thing.
  • Trellists: Trello Lists Master – This is another critical extension for me. It allows you to toggle lists off & on and helps deal with the problem of  having too many lists on a particular board. Also helps you focus on the specific list at hand.

Chrome Trello Extensions – Your call – We use…

  • Card Color Titles for Trello – Trello lets you create labels that you can apply to cards. Being a bit color blind, hate having to associate things with just colors. This puts the text of the label on the card too.
  • Ultimello, the features pack for Trello – Provides sorting ability of cards by due date, title, votes, creation date, labels.
  • Chromello for Trello – Allows you to add cards from a browser without having to be in Trello.
  • Trello Short URL – Gives you a button on a card that allows you to copy a short URL. Just easier to work with if you’re communicating with someone about a card.

Chrome Trello Extensions – We have installed but…

I have these installed too but don’t find myself using them often.

  • Boards for Trello – Gives you a button up on the Extension bar where you can quickly switch between Trello boards
  • ‘Cards View’ Filter for Trello – Allows you to filter by list in card view. Installed but not really played with it yet. Might have a conflicting extension.
  • Slim Lists for Trello – used to use because had too many lists. Now use Trellists: Trello List Master instead.

Chrome Trello Extensions – To check out…

Some others I have on my (Trello) list to check out. 🙂

What About You?

If you use Trello and take advantage of extensions, let me know in the comments which ones you use and like!

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