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Why Would I Care About PurpleCRM Trello Usage?

If you are (or are considering becoming) a customer of ours, understanding a bit about our system will help you stay up to date on your project and your tasks.

If you are not, you might find some practices here that could be valuable for your organization.

After becoming comfortable with Trello and using it for our own task management, we wanted to find a way to make it work for our projects.

Purple’s Trello Templates

So what we have done is created several template boards. One for a website project, one for a website/Infusionsoft project, one for conversion and content strategy and so on.

When we have a new project, we copy that board with all its cards. We’ve tried to build these templates out so they have the cards/tasks that we would expect for a given project type. As we find new ones that aren’t already on our template boards, we add those tasks.

So for a given client project, we’ll copy the board and then often go about deleting the tasks that aren’t pertinent in that particular project.

As an example, most new website builds use the same columns:

  • Analysis
  • Dev
  • Deployment
  • To Do
  • Waiting for Feedback
  • Done

Our template cards all start in the Analysis, Dev and Deployment columns as we have tasks for all of those sections.


We also have a number of labels that we use:

  • Launch
  • Copy
  • Later
  • Infusionsoft

These allow us to know at a glance which tasks are copy related so they can be focused on at the same time, which tasks are required for launch and which tasks have been logged just so they don’t get lost but aren’t in this initial phase.

For a project that is a bit further down the road where we are providing ongoing support, we often use columns such as:

  • To Do
  • Next
  • In Dev
  • Waiting for Feedback
  • Done

And these can be customized according to customer need.

Project Usage

Then as we engage with a customer, we will customize those tasks for the particular project. People will be assigned, due dates will be set, comments will be added, checklists will be tweaked. And once we’re ready to go, the first cards will be pulled into the To Do column.

As members get assigned to tasks, they will also get notifications in their email based on their preferences.

Everybody can see where everything is at any given time.

And as the tasks are being worked on and completed, we basically move Cards (tasks) from one List (To Do, Waiting for Feedback, Dev, Done, etc.) to another. Then we can archive them at the end.

It helps us all stay on the same page and ensure that projects stay on schedule.

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