Who Cares Your Website

Nobody Cares About You…

We believe that.

I have a sign with that on my wall in my office to always remind me of that.

baby crying

It’s actually ok though.

Everybody is busy with their own stuff.

They care about their own stuff.

Their problems…

Their needs…

They don’t care about my About page.

Or my new blog post.

So one thing we say ALL the time here is “Who cares?”

We always have to apply our marketing and customer’s marketing through the “Who cares?” filter.

We all have so much we want to say and think is so important but much of it is really just not to our customers.

So we have to step back and look at our stuff through a customer lens and say “who cares?” to it.

Your Website Collects Things

Again with our websites, for most of us, they develop and evolve over time.

Stuff just accumulates like a messy closet…


We end up with a lot of stuff on there that just makes its way there.

Much of it stuff stuff that our customers/prospects don’t care about at all.

  • So many words…
  • So many sections…
  • So many items in your menu…

Does it all need to be there?

Minimalism-ize it!

Take that same outlook that you do with your house and your stuff and do it with your website.

What is important?

What should go?

Do a Marie Kondo on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Look at every element. Hold it in your hands. ๐Ÿ™‚ Does it bring you joy? Meaning does it serve your ideal prospect/customer?

If not, ditch it!

Who Cares Your Website Exercise

Go Look at competitor/colleague websites with the eyes of a prospect…

A good way that you can determine what is important is to quickly go through a ton of your competitor/colleague websites.

Look for partner directories for products or associations you work with or belong to.

Go through and open every listing website, in that directory, in a new tab.

Then go to the first one, look at it, note your thoughts (just in your head). Then move on to the next one.

You’ll probably see a lot of bad websites. A lot of too much text. A lot of stuff that you’re thinking “who cares” to….

Do this fast mind you. That’s what your prospects are doing to you btw.

If a site is bad, just close the tab.

If you really like some of the things from a certain tab, leave that one and move along to the next.

When you’re done, hopefully you’ll have at least 3-5 tabs still open with some elements that you really like that you think a prospect/customer would really care about.

Now go look at your own site with the same frame of mind….

Who cares?

What is on there that you just know that nobody cares about?

What is missing that you know your ideal prospects/customers would really want to know?

Write it down.

Then get to work removing the things that don’t matter and adding the things that do!

You’ll end up with a site that is designed to fulfill the purpose it always wanted to have all along – to convert your customers.

Not Done Though!

And then repeat this process over time.

Remember the messy closet…

Like I said, stuff accumulates. We have to fight the messy closet syndrome everywhere…and definitely on our websites.

Getting to work on another pass on ours now!


p.s. It also needs to be fast loading. Please stop the animations & all the stuff that slow it down. That’s just hurting you. But that’s for another post….

p.p.s. And please don’t hit me with a pop-up until I’ve at least scrolled down a ways on your page…

p.p.s. And don’t talk about you. Talk to your prospect/customer about the problems they have that you solve. wiifm…

Let us know if you’d like to talk about your website and how it might better serve you!

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