Why Genesis?

Why Would I Care About Genesis?

You might care if you want your site to be super fast, very secure and rank well in search results.

Genesis is the WordPress theme framework rated most highly by WordPress devs.

When you engage with a WordPress developer, they are going to work with you to build you a site that works for you. That’s one of the main ideas. When a site is built for you, it contains the functionality you need and not a whole bunch else. That lack of everything else is a major benefit. There is not a bunch of extra code slowing down your site. There is not a bunch of extra functionality for security exploits to take advantage of.

For non-WordPress devs, frameworks like Divi and Avada and such can be great. They have a lot of functionality and are very flexible. They are built or non-developers to be able to configure sites. The tradeoff is that with all that functionality at your fingertips comes a ton of bloat. There is a whole lot of code there that is not actually doing anything for YOU other than slowing down the loading of your site.

Genesis is the most performant, secure, SEO friendly framework out there. That is why we use it.

Features We Love About Genesis

Some of the reasons we love Genesis are:

  • Search Engine Optimization – the whole point of having a web site is to be found. There are many themes out there may be pretty but if they don’t help bring people to your site, what good does that do for you?
    Genesis provides great SEO because it is written with state of the art code, uses smart design architecture, provides easy Google Authorship identification and support for schema.org.
  • Responsive HTML5 Design – HTML5 is the new code standard. This will make your website compatible with future changes to the web. It will also ensure that your website displays correctly regardless of the browser used to view it. HTML5 also helps make your site mobile-friendly by being responsive as well as improving your site’s ability to delivery audio and video.
  • Speed -Nothing slows down a site like bloated code. The StudioPress team obsesses over making Genesis cleaner and more lightweight. While web page load times are typically discussed in seconds, page load times for sites built on Genesis can often be measured and discussed in milliseconds. And today with the ongoing move toward mobile, speed is critical.
  • Great Resources – StudioPress provides great free resources such as Genesis tutorials, articles on design and WordPress tips, code snippets, plugins developed specifically for the Genesis platform, graphics to use with their themes.
  • State of the Art Security – WordPress sites can be vulnerable to those looking to exploit it. Genesis is vetted by WordPress security experts and developed according to all WordPress security best practices.
  • Excellent Support – the StudioPress team provides quick, excellent, individualized support. There is also a strong community forum and extensive community support.
  • Instant Updates – sites typically get hacked because they are not kept up to date. Genesis updates are integrated and tested making updates quick and easy.
  • Flexible Customization – Genesis themes are designed according to web standards. Genesis has been widgetized beyond just the sidebar. Custom widgets can be used on many areas of your site. Genesis also supports page and post specific layouts.
  • Portability – Genesis themes are designed according to WordPress best practices. This ensures that your site will be ready for updates and refreshes over the years. In addition to being bloated and slow, many of the page builders out there will leaving you with nothing on your pages if you ever move away from them.
  • Great Community – last but not least, as the popularity of the Genesis platform has grown, there now exist many, many outside resources to support Genesis themes. There are a number of great free plugins that are specifically made to work with Genesis. There are other great tutorials out there on the web on Genesis functionality.

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