We Understand

Our motto, “Making Your Marketing Manageable,” speaks to the challenges all small businesses face.

Marketing is hard. Small business is hard.

We have faced it. We still face it. We understand.

One of the biggest strengths we bring to an engagement is a superhuman amount of empathy.

We know what you are going through. We know what the possibilities are. We know what you want to achieve. We know the challenges you face.

We Want To Help

We exist to make small businesses more effective and help owners and staff reclaim time to use as they desire!

We do that through enabling small businesses to market and sell in a sustainable way.

Having lived the stress of small business life, the thing that really gets us going is helping owners and employees can get time back to better use it where they choose. If the business runs more efficiently without the need for your constant firefighting, you can use that extra time to work ON the business itself, spend it doing other things you love or with people you love.

We, ourselves, are a very family focused bunch. We like to be there for our kids and family. We like to make sure we make ballet performances, piano recitals and kung fu practice. We like to eat dinner together and have occasional movie nights. So as PurpleCRM has improved, we’ve been able to reinvest time in the business and take more time with the family.

What We Do

We give businesses leverage through the implementation of strategic, curated technology to enable them to scale.

We help businesses define their product market fit, develop sustainable, manageable conversion and content strategies, and implement the technologies required to acquire and educate prospects and convert customers.

We Are A DigitalMarketer Certified Partner

As a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner, we help customers implement DigitalMarketer’s cutting edge marketing tools and techniques. DigitalMarketer is a $14M marketing research and training company that actually uses the methodology they teach on their own companies under the Native Commerce brand. Over the past 36 months, they’ve spent $15M on ads and tests. So the methodology we use isn’t just a one off. It’s proven and demonstrated over & over.

We lead clients through the customer value optimization process, understand their business deeply and architect a site built to speak to your customers’ problems, integrate to marketing automation platforms or email marketing services and pull them through the conversion process.

We Know the Technology

As far as the platforms we use, we are constantly evaluating current and upcoming solutions. While we work to stay up to speed on the newest platform offerings, we avoid platform paralysis with our bent toward execution. You can be assured that our vetting of platforms, add-ons and plugins ensures you will be on industry leading solutions.

As far as our current technologies, we have a very long history with both WordPress and Infusionsoft. We have been building websites since 2002 and have worked with WordPress since the early days. We also go way back with Infusionsoft (having been brought in to develop the content for and train their partner channel). As content management systems came into play, we investigated a number of platforms such Joomla, Drupal and DotNetNuke and left them all behind for WordPress.

And where it applies, we also implement Memberium and/or LearnDash. Memberium is the leading Infusionsoft membership site plugin and LearnDash is a learning management system.

We Are Involved

We were also early to the social web. We have strong presences on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and stay up to date on most all the rest.

Being early participants in the Phoenix social media community, we have always been involved with the local events. We were participants in the first Startup Weekend Phoenix in 2008, members of the organizing committee of PodCampAZ for 3 years, members of the organizing committee of Social Media Club Phoenix, organizers of all 5 Twestival Phoenix events, participants in a number of Ignite Phoenix events as well as organizers of the first Ignite Food and members of the Phoenix Innovation Foundation board.

We Speak Client

We have 15 years of chronological CRM expertise (waaaay more when you stack employee history) and that experience is critical in helping small business. One of the key things we’ve always done is dig into businesses and do analysis. We understand them. We take those skills and apply them to small business. We understand your business, see how these tools can help you grow in a scalable way.

We don’t stand on formality and process. We use an agile, transparent project management methodology that give you insight into where things are at a given time.

We realize how important it is that you understand strategies and technology. With a particular expertise in training (having created the training curriculums and programs at both SalesLogix (Infor CRM) and Infusionsoft and taught many, many customers and partners alike), we know how users think. We know how to communicate in a way that is easily understood. You won’t find a bunch of tech speak here or get lost in a mass of acronyms.

We Are Fast

In situations that call for it, we can be very fast. While consistent last minute requests aren’t cool, we realize that sometimes businesses need things to happen ASAP. If the situation calls for it, our dedication and work ethic can make things happen in a remarkably short amount of time. While not something to be abused, this quality is there when it’s really needed.

We Build It Right The First Time

This is a concept we have adopted from a friend and colleague. Our solutions are architected in line with platform intent and built the right way. We stay away from hard coding, shortcodes, theme builders and all the things that will make your life miserable in the future. When we implement platforms we also do so in a way where we have an eye to the future. You never know what you might want to do a number of months or  years down the line. With the shortcuts some folks take, what might seem like it works now on the surface might be a terrible mess under the covers. We build it right the first time.

We Have Great Partners

While we are expert at what we do, we know folks… We know really good folks…

If you need world class help in a variety of areas whether they be SEO, audience segmentation studies, market position, small business coaching, design or many more, we have you covered. Some of these folks may be a little higher on the budget side but they are the best of the best.

If your project has special needs, we have the ability to bring folks like this in to help. Or if you just need services beyond what we offer, we know who you should talk to.

We Are Nice

We are actually nice people. And we’re fun. If you are nice and fun and you like working with nice and fun people, that a bonus.

If you would like to talk…

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Why Purple?

  • Because we work in the clouds and the dirt. We focus on the important stuff that leads to RESULTS.
  • We focus on the overall goal of marketing – conveying the value proposition of your products and services to convert people to prospects, prospects to customers and customers to advocates.
  • We focus on the mechanics of our craft. We dig in and are expert with the tools and strategies we use to make that happen.
  • We build it right the first time.
  • We have the ability and take the time to understand  you and your business. Empathy is our super power.
  • We have the experience and context needed to ask the right questions.
  • We are casual. We are nice. We are fun.
  • It is important to us to be good people.
  • We like to help good people.
  • We are pragmatic. We focus on results.
  • We understand digital marketing.
  • We understand small business life.
  • We are small business.
  • We want to make small business owners successful.
  • We want to help small business owners recoup time to use better.
  • We are a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner. We use proven systems.
  • We are WordPress enthusiasts and long time devs.
  • We are the original Infusionsoft Certified Partner and strong advocates.
  • We do the work ourselves.

If it sounds like we might be a good fit for you…

Let’s Talk     or     Shoot Us a Note!